About Us

National coverage. The latest technology. And a High Cube Trailer service you can depend on.

Working together. That’s what makes your FMCG supply chain more effective. For High Cube Network, successfully working together isn’t just what we do; it’s part of who we are.

High Cube transport UK

Individually, the eight members of the High Cube Network have been logistics leaders in their own regions for decades. Together we are so much more.

Together our modern fleet of 1,000+ vehicles and High Cube Trailers cover every inch of the UK and beyond. Together we deliver an integrated, flexible logistics service where local knowledge and years of experience combine with a national operation that drives real economy of scale and process efficiencies. Together we form one of the most comprehensive high cube trailer distribution networks in the country.

Since coming together in 2012 we’ve delivered national distribution contracts for major manufacturers who expect value, commitment and the extra mile as standard. We can do the same for your organisation.

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 Creating the Hi Cube Network

Peter Surtees, one of High Cube Network’s founding partners, spent 20 years in high cube operations with Kimberly-Clark. For the latter 8 of those years he was European Supply Chain Director. More than most, he understands the importance of establishing an effective high cube distribution system, and the difference that system can make to supply chain efficiency and net sales value.

“Buying competitive transport services when you require non-standard hi-cube trailers is always a challenge. The solution is to find a way of reducing empty running. The cost of the tractor, trailer, driver and fuel are broadly the same for all carriers. Managing overheads and being able to operate efficiently is what makes the difference.”

“High Cube Network combines many hundreds of high cube trailers and full UK coverage to provide a unique opportunity for those customers whose challenge is cube rather than weight.”

“By networking smaller transportation companies together through an efficient control tower, High Cube Network creates a unique blend of benefits – large enough to provide a comprehensive one stop shop for the biggest brands; yet able to deliver local efficiencies you only get from smaller carriers.”

“There’s no more reliable or cost effective way to transport your high volume, low weight goods.”

Talk to us about your distribution needs by calling 03333 216297 or contact us HERE.