Why the High Cube Network

Reduce costs

Outsourcing your logistics costs less than running them yourself. Call us and we’ll show you how much you could save.

Economies of scale

Spend years developing your fleet and distribution infrastructure. Or access one of the UK’s most comprehensive high cube distribution networks instantly.

Protect your capital

We invest in the vehicles and trailers that deliver your goods, so you keep more of your capital for the core business.


The agility, flexibility and commitment to ensure that when the unexpected and the last minute happen, your logistics rise to the challenge.

High Cube expertise

High volume, low weight freight distribution needs trailers designed for the task. Compared to standard trailers, choosing high cube means greater quantities delivered for less. We carry all kinds of high volume plastics freight, cereals freight, nonwoven freight etc

Reduce emissions

Because every vehicle journey is optimised to reduce time spent empty, you reduce the carbon footprint of every product.

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